Private FONT Server of Stichting Lucifer

You reached a private open source webfont server:

To enhance privacy among websites and projects hosted by us we have our own webfont server so most of our sites don't have to make use of the public google fonts server.
We don't like the potential tracking risks amongst our websites via one big data collector.

Do you need a specific open source font to be loaded for your project please send an email to our helpdesk [ad] stichtinglucifer [dot] nl

Our font server is hosted in the EU and doesn't collect personal data that can be traced back to you.
We only keep minimal logs for network and load troubleshooting purposes with a maximum retention of 60 days.

We copy fonts from open source font databases like:

Learn more about our projects see our project page:

Stichting Lucifer Projecten

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Private open source webfont server